Falling Short — WP GraphQL

Hi everyone! I set a ridiculous goal of trying to have WP GraphQL be production ready before the new year. I knew it was not attainable but sometimes when you set something ridiculous you can really motivate yourself to complete it. A lot of progress was made on WP GraphQL, but it is still very … Continue reading Falling Short — WP GraphQL


A new year; WordPress & GraphQL

Excited about WordPress! Hi everyone! I am really pumped after watching this year's State of the Word.  If you haven't checked it out yet, then I suggest heading to the WCUS Live Stream and watching it.  WordPress is really cooking and I think it is only going to get better.  I really feel like WordPress is … Continue reading A new year; WordPress & GraphQL

WP GraphQL Documentation Site

The beginning of the Documentation site for WP GraphQL is now up.  I am very excited to have this running.  To contribute to the documentation please head over to the WP GraphQL documentation repo, it is synced to the GitBook.  Feel free to open any issues if you have questions about the documentation or about WP … Continue reading WP GraphQL Documentation Site


WordPress GraphQL

Hi everyone! Love WordPress? Interested in GraphQL? There are many projects starting to creep up to push GraphQL support forward for WordPress.  I will be throwing my hat into the ring as well, because I feel it will greatly expand interest in WordPress and provide some awesome functionality to it.  Today I started up a plugin … Continue reading WordPress GraphQL


Hello World!

Hello world!  This blog will serve as a place for musings about WordPress and web development.  Not totally sure about the direction of the blog but hopefully you may enjoy its future content!